Wednesday, December 26, 2012

I'm Dying

Last night around 10pm I started feeling icky. By 2 am my throat was so sore I couldn't speak.
I also started throwing up at 2 am :(
Luckily I haven't since then, but my throat is still killing me.
I was so sick that I couldn't even watch tv. If I lay in bed and don't even want the tv on, that's how you can gauge how lousy I'm feeling.
Lots of exciting things going on in December. 
The Cara Gift Exchange, which I can't wait to share. Unfortunately I haven't heard from one of my ladies yet on whether or not she got her gifts so I'm waiting to post anything because I don't want to ruin her surprise :)
I'm also working on all kinds of wonderful new photography props.
Waiting to share those because I'm going to use them in the new year for debuting a newer and improved photography portfolio.
Here's what I CAN share with you though: I put together a few things for a little girl named Ariel.
Ariel's new guardians just unexpectedly gained custody of her and were completely unprepared for her arrival. One of my friends, Carly, posted on fb that they needed some "angels" to help them out in any way they could. A lot of people had hand me down clothes or furniture to share. I didn't have those things but I figured I could definitely use my crafty skills to do something special for her. To make her really feel at home in her new house and make her feel like she belongs there.
Ariel's favorite color is blue so I went with that theme.
(Previous post with my inspiration for this project here.)
The most amazing part is that I only spent $7 on the whole thing.
The only thing I had to buy was the canvas. It's huge but I got it 60% off at Michael's! I just painted it blue, cut out some triangles of scrap booking paper and used Mod Podge.

The teddy bear I got at Kay jewelers when I bought a charm for my Pandora bracelet last winter. I paid $20 for him and 100% of that went to Feeding America which is a nonprofit. Therefore, I do not count that $20 because it was a donation, and money spent long ago. The teddy had been sitting high up on my bookshelf looking for a home where he would be loved. Hopefully he will be with Ariel.
I already had the vase and the blue picks. When I move in a couple of months, I have to downsize A LOT so parting with some beautiful things of my own is much easier when I know its going to make somebody feel really special.
I cut the "A" shape out of foam. Wrapped it in twine and added some charm with accessories!
I love charming things.
What do you guys think?
I hope she feels like she belongs in her new home/bedroom, and that these beautiful things make her smile.


  1. Laura! I hope you feel better soon!!!

    I'm sorry I'm the worst blogger friend ever! I totally received my CaraBox and LOOOOVED everything in it! I meant to tell you but I swore I was in labor actually the day I received it and then Xmas came... either way I'm sorry I didn't let you know how much I LOVED everything in the box! I'm going to finish my post tonight :)

    PS. I'm loving what you did for sweet Ariel! I'm sure she is going to love everything!

    1. Oh goodness, I just posted on your blog because I hadn't seen this comment yet haha.
      I'm glad you liked it :D
      I tried to be thoughtful with everything I included so that it really applied to you.


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