Thursday, January 31, 2013


Still busy with the move and working. Not much is going on because it's all I've made time to do really. I'm sorry I'm copping out of giving you a real post and sticking you with all these lovely pinspirations instead ;)
Which I'm sure you'll find as lust-worthy as I do.
With all the clutter and stress of moving, thinking about my dream house is keeping me sane.
Every time I move I like to envision where I will eventually end up when I finally make a real commitment to buy or build a house.
I know I want my home to be a place of happiness and gathering. A place for fun and memories to be had. Where people aren't worried about painting on the kitchen table without a table cloth or the dogs scratching up the floor. I want a home that can really be LIVED in.
Because of this, I always imagine huge farmhouse tables in my dining room.
A place that family and friends gather around and stay a while :)


I love all these distressed lighter versions. Where people don't worry about ruining the varnish or finish. You can eat, craft, and have game nights without worrying about something as meaningless as ruining the expensive money. Because a house can be filled with nice things... but it isn't a home until it's filled with nice people.


  1. We totally have the same taste. Love these!

    1. I love when I find people who have the same Pinterest personalities as I do! Funny, you're actually in my most recent blog post I finished up a little bit ago

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