Sunday, January 20, 2013

Studio Space- My Grandmother's Granddaughter

The countdown to move day has begun as I rush to organize, clean and pack in the next two weeks. Moving to my new space has presented a few challenges that are well worth conquering.
My biggest challenge is going to be taking my bedroom and studio space, and combining them into one room in the new place. This is a huge task because I have so much stuff.
My crafting has taken over my current home. My philosophy for the new year is still burning bright though.
Living simply with less.
So I'm minimizing the amount of things I have and trying to organize as best I can.
Beautiful studio/office spaces that have inspired me-


Looking at studio spaces reminds me of my grandmother. She died when I was 12 but I am certain that I got my crafting gene from her since nobody else in my family has it. I often wonder if she were still alive, what kind of a relationship we would have. How we would bond over our love of creating beautiful things. How I might know how to sew since that was her crafting expertise. And I wonder if she would be proud of the woman I have become. The woman I have molded myself into and chosen to be.
I like to think she would be.
That she would look at my life and be proud of my independence. That she would admire my soft spirit and kind heart. And that she would be proud that I am my grandmother's granddaughter.


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    1. I'm glad you agree :) I love them because they are simple and organized. I've seen a ton of pretty studio spaces but they are overflowing with stuff, supplies, projects. Looking at these simpler styles encourages letting go of extra things I don't need :D

  2. Great inspiration! Love these spaces. Good luck with move pretty lady.


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