Sunday, March 10, 2013

Life List

-make a baby
-have a baby girl
-own a home
-live without debt
-adopt a child
-adopt another dog
-visit New Zealand
-visit Thailand
-learn yoga
-run a 5K
-be a successful blogger
-try a bread-free diet
-try a juice fast
-get a facial
-marry once more
-swim/float in the Dead Sea
-get picture taken with Taylor Swift
-be a successful photographer
-have a happy family
-be a good, devoted wife
-be a good, devoted Christian
-be a good, devoted mommy
-be a stay at home mommy
-read the book of Mormon
-go skydiving
-decorate my dream home
-plant a beautiful flower garden
-live self sufficently with a veggie garden
-visit England
-build an awesome tree houes
-plant a "marriage" tree
-learn how to use a pottery wheel
-visit Washington St. or Oregon
-go out of country on a mission trip
-have a mentoring session with Sharon Elizabeth
-go cannoing
-go to Canada
-swim in the Pacific Ocean
-go "glamping" or glam camping
-live with my sister
-be an aunt
-fall in forever love
-write a novel
-take singing lessions
-go on a baby-making retreat or honeymoon
-get butterfly tattoo on my arm removed
-hold sombody's hand as they give birth
-be a bridesmaid
-hold a monthly craft night with girl friends
-go on a tropical vacation
-have a Sim mastered in all skills on the Sims3
-go an entire month without purchasing a single thing
-meet Mara from A Blog About Love
-rennovate a house
-live overseas for a semester

About the list-
It's written in no particular order.
Most people write 100 items on their list.
I may add quite a few things as time progresses but didn't want the pressure of thinking up at least 100 things for the list so I just wrote what I actually wanted, what I desire without putting thought towards it.


  1. It seems to me that this list could make it much easier or much harder to make your decision about England. You could have the chance to cross SO many things off this list by saying YES to the family! Just a thought <3 <3 <3

    1. I know! There's also so many things that could get crossed off if I stay <3
      It's definately a tough decision.

  2. No doubtnin my mind you will do all of those things!


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