Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What I'm Reading

Alright guys, time for the second edition of What I'm reading. Part of my Single girl list was a challenge to read 52 books in one year. I started in late May and so far I'm only one book behind. I'll have to start picking some thinner books ;)
I could not put this book down, it was enthralling. You get pulled into the story in a way you don't want to leave it. When I finished the book, I found myself disappointed that it wasn't a series because I wanted more of the main characters and more of this strange post-invasion Earth setting. Note of warning- do not watch the movie. I finished this thick book in 4 days and watched the movie a few days later. It was awful. The entire time I spent cringing at the lack of anything exciting or worth watching. Read the book instead. So worth the time.
I fell in love with this novel. The story is based around four entirely different yet all relatable women. One who wants a baby and can't have one, another who donates her eggs then feels emotionally torn afterwards, the third is a surrogate who lends her body but is struggling in her own marriage and lastly is the privileged daughter of an extremely wealthy man whose own mother walked out on her.  The characters were so detailed, you feel as if you truly know them by the time you're done reading. I would highly recommend this book for any woman who enjoys a lovely read. You find yourself relating to different parts of each character and the twist at the end is entirely unpredictable. Jennifer Weiner is one of my favorite authors and she certainly doesn't disappoint with this one.
I tried a couple of romance novels this month and truth be told, they just aren't for me. While I did like the unusual circumstances and modern family dynamics in this story, I hate how slow these novels are in the beginning. If romance novels are your cup of tea, this is probably for you, if not, I do not recommend it.

Again with the romance novels, no fun. So slow in the beginning and they always end the same way- with a pointless dramatic fight, then the couple makes up and gets engaged. The end. Romance novels are so predictable. I did enjoy the second half of this book once turmoil begins with the appearance of the main characters estranged mother but overall, not worth reading, not worth the seven dollar sale price. I truly enjoyed the main characters, but not enough to read it again. I'll be staying away from these kinds of books in the future. I much prefer stories with exciting plots, detailed characters and deeper themes.
What have you read lately that you'd suggest? I need some more suggestions because I've got a whole fourty-four books to go :)

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