Monday, August 19, 2013

A New Pink Floral Crown

Happy Monday everybody. Today I've got a new lovely floral crown to share with you guys. I absolutely love creating new floral crowns for my shop and this one is one of my new favorites! It took me 3 hours to hand craft, delicately fanning out cream rose buds from each of the the full pink blooms.

What a perfect addition to my floral crown collection. I swoon over all things romantic, rustic and wedding related, so my floral crowns are probably the designs I'm most proud of in my shop. My heart goes pitter-patter everytime I see a happy bride wearing a stunning floral crown. In case you missed my other favorites, check them out here and here.

I'll also be sharing a bold floral headband tutorial soon so follow along with google friend connect if you don't wanna miss that later this week!

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