Friday, September 13, 2013

Planning Your Project Life Album

Lots of fun stuff to share with you guys this Friday, most notably my new project life album. I am obsessed. Unfortunately it can be really challenging to work on your album if you're like me and still waiting for your online photo prints to arrive in the mail (never, will I ever again order from snapfish.) But, innovative as I am, I figured out a way to play catch up on my album while I wait for the rest of my pictures. Which is fantastic because I just started my album a couple of weeks ago and I have months of catching up to do!

First, I looked at my pictures on the computer and figured out which set of pictures would have their own spreads. Then I used post it's to label which slots would have which images in them and decorated around them. For instance, I knew that on the coral colored page, the pictures were from one day I spent in an orchard with my friend Emily. The primary colors in those images were white, green and pink.

Now that I've started working on my album this way, I've found it to be extremely helpful in the process of deciding which pictures to print in what sizes. Before I was just printing my pictures then trying to work them into my album. I was having issues because some pages don't allow for both horizontal and vertical 4x6 photos, only one or the other. Then I would have to decide which pictures to use or not use, which to try to incorporate in another layout because they didn't fit in the current one.

It was definitely a little stressful at first, but now it's easy peasy pudding and pie! I can easily figure out how many spaces I have for images in a layout BEFORE I print the pictures and that determines the orientation and size of the images I'm going to print. Then there's no wasted money or time on prints that don't fit on my pages AND I can play catch up on my album and just slide in the pictures when they finally arrive in my mailbox!

How do you work on your album? Do you plan your layouts and image sizes/orientations before you print them?

xoxo, Laura


  1. i love this project. you've inspired me to do something similar. i will look into putting together a scrapbook tomorrow!

    1. Thank you! I hope you share what you come up with. I love checking out other people's layouts and being inspired. (Lost hours on pinterest? Happens to me all the time haha!) Good luck, I hope the creative juices are flowing!

  2. I am just starting PL and am actually waiting for my first photos. Thank you for the inspiration. What kit did you use on the first layout. i love the colors of the chevron cards.

    1. Hey Pam, those cards are from MAMBI's pocket pages kit called "LOVE." You can purchase it from Michaels for $4.99 :) I'll include a link right here:

      The cards are the tinest bit bigger than the project life pages so I trim them down the slightest bit before I put them in my layout. By the slightest bit I mean 1/5 of an inch or less, it really is the smallest little sliver. But overall its a great product, extremely afforadable with a 40% off coupon and perfect for mixing up some of your pages from the project life core kits.


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