Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What I'm Reading

I have been slacking so much with my 52 books in 52 weeks challenge lately. I got so caught up working on my project life album and season 9 of Grey's Anatomy on Netflix haha. I finally finished another 4 books. Here's what I've been reading; the good, the bad and the ugly.

1. Up High in the Trees by Kiara Brinkman
I cannot recommend this book enough, I thought it was absolutely awesome. Written from the perspective of an 8 year old boy with Autism, I found the content extremely fascinating. The story is honest, wonderful and heartbreaking all at the same time. Would absolutely put on the "must read" list for anyone who knows somebody with Autism; or for anybody whose interested in children, child psychology or Autism.

2. Girls in White Dresses by Jennifer Close
Reviewed by media as remarkable and delightful, I was expecting this book to be awesome. I was so disappointed at the anti climatic nature of this book. It was written in the time span of 10 years and randomly picks up and drops off with different characters at different times in their lives- not the best flow of content. Furthermore, I found it depressing. Reviews claim that it's extremely relatable but I didn't relate to anything in the book. The story follows several women through college and into their early 30's, from partying, gossiping about each other and having one-night-stands to growing up and living unremarkable lives with unfulfilled careers, and lackluster relationships that turn into marriages with men they settle with because they are getting older and are expected to get serious. I found myself hoping that the end would somehow turn it all around, that one of the girls will find somebody she truly loves and adores, or that she will find her passion for anything in life... it didn't happen. I finished the book feeling disappointed not only at my time spent reading the book, but disappointed for the actual characters and the fact that they had little depth with little to nothing remarkable or worthwhile ever happen in their lives. Definitely not relatable for passionate women who love creating, falling in love, owning successful businesses, etc.

3. Life Over Easy by Margo Candela
Natalya finds herself single at nearly 30 years old. She was expecting a proposal by her less than successful mooch of a boyfriend but instead found herself single as he dumps her for her assistant. I found the story line fast paced and engaging. You follow her adventures as she tries to get over her ex-boyfriend and find herself- so relatable if you've ever found it hard to get over a man that had nothing going for them, and we all have for reasons we no longer remember. Just when Natalya decides to be single and enjoy it, she has 4 very different men fending for her approval, while she successfully runs her own catering business. I won't ruin the ending for you, but let's say that it isn't traditional in the "finds true love" way. It certainly isn't disappointing, though! A good read for any woman with extra time to read. I will note that I couldn't relate to some of the text that has to do with her being Latina. While I think Latina women would enjoy this book even more because of this aspect, it didn't take away from my enjoyment of the novel.

4. The Difference Between You and Me by Kathleen DeMarco
If you're interested in Hollywood- the lifestyle, the glamour, the hard work, backstabbing and luck it takes to succeed there; you'd probably find this book entertaining. I am not much interested in those things so I found the first half of the book to be a little boring and the content to be unengaging. The second half of the book brings a twist that makes things a lot more exciting and enjoyable. A good read for anybody interested in Hollywood or anybody whose bored.


Sorry about the image quality of that last book, I'm guessing it's not a high-volume novel because that was the only image I could find of the cover! I buy most of my books at a local thrift store and donate them back afterwards. Wouldn't want to keep the extra clutter around when I've never read the same book more than once in my life (other than the last Harry Potter.) I used to hoard books and movies like crazy but I'm glad I let that go because I was going to end up on a television show at the rate I was going. What have you read lately that you would recommend?

xoxo, Laura


  1. gosh, i wish i had more time to read!

    1. I've had to MAKE time because I haven't had much extra lately haha. Too many other project I've been working on :)

  2. I decided to read some classics in the last year. I read Gone With The Wind and Jane Eyre and they have become two of my favorite books! I know some people think they are boring or too long, but I could not put either of them down.


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