Thursday, March 27, 2014

Florida Trip- Part Two (Girl's Trip to the Beach)

On the second to last day of my trip, my baby sister and I packed up my car and headed to the beach. Her school was on Spring Break, so we stopped and picked up one of her friends on the way. (So glad that she sacrificed most of her week to hang out solo with her big sis- that was awesome!) One of my goals for the New Year has been to take more & better photos of everyday life, so I grabbed my camera and made sure to document our girl's day!

Mission: document photos of my everyday life; success. Sometimes, I'm so busy being a photographer for other people, that I forget to document my own life! Slowly but surely, I'm improving with that. March of this year's project life album is going to be ridiculously packed with all of these adventures and photos.

What did your spring break look like? Also, I'm not sure about my new blog design- opinions?



  1. Lovely photos! I'm going to the beach in a month, so you've given me much inspiration :)

    I like your new design! maybe a pop of another color would liven it up a bit! Just a thought :)

    1. Thanks so much, Renee! I think that's a great suggestion... maybe some blue!


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