Friday, March 14, 2014

I'm Headed to Florida!


I'm officially on Spring Break from work! That's the wonderful thing about working with kids, when they are out of school or out of town, you get a week of free time too. Last week I made the last minute decision to pack up solo and head down to Florida to spend some much needed time with my baby sisters. It has been far too long since I've spend some uninterrupted quality time with family and I'm pretty excited to be driving down this Sunday.

While I'm there....
> I'm planning on going to the beach, baby sister has already asked that we please please do this. How could this landlocked girl say no? I've missed the ocean oh so much since moving from Virginia Beach to Charlotte 10 months ago.
> Photo shoots! Seriously can not wait to meet up with friends and mostly my family and take gorgeous pictures. You can follow my photography page on facebook to see gorgeous updates throughout my vacation :)
> Great food. I'm hoping to go out for brunch a couple of times and have some awesome homemade meals for dinner. Maybe I'll share some of my cooking skills I've acquired in the last year with the family. Seriously, I know some great dishes now!
> Gathering. I want to spend quality time with family and a few friends. I love the idea of "gathering." Dinner parties, brunch, games, whatever! As long as it includes great company, I'm ready for it.
> Maybe, just maybe the Wizzarding World of Harry Potter. I graduated high school in Florida and of course this theme park wasn't opened until AFTER I moved away to Virginia. So I have yet to go and I think it would be magical. Literally.

Most of all, I'm looking forward to time with my baby sisters.
What are your spring break plans?



  1. Our spring break is ending today! :( And sadly, it was extremely uneventful. But I've been crocheting up a storm and opening up my Etsy shop! Scary, but exciting!

    We went to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter about a year and a half ago and we *loved* it! I wish it would've been bigger - mostly because I imagined it bigger. But it was still pretty great to feel like you were in the movies. I hear that they may add stuff on soon. Anyway, have a butterbeer (even though I didn't really like it) and eat at the Three Broomsticks for me! I wish we lived close enough to drive!

    1. Oh yah! They are adding more to it but not until this summer! And they are adding to the regular universal studios to include some Harry Potter things then you can take the Hogwarts Express to go from there to the Wizzarding World of Harry Potter. Their sneaky way of making you buy a park jumping pass!


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