Thursday, April 17, 2014

Scrapbooking My 20's

Last month I started a project that's a little more personal. While I feel okay sharing these layouts with other people, the scrapbook itself is mostly just for me. This 12x12 album is for documenting my 20's so far. It's a slow process, going back and documenting the last 4 years. And there are a lot of moments that weren't fun. Mostly way this scrapbook is just for me. There's a lot of personal journaling about what I was going through. I've already formed a strong appreciation for this album. While my life has had a lot of unexpected bumps in the road, it's all part of a beautiful journey. I want to make sure I remember that journey and always appreciate where it's taken me.

The first page is more of an album title page, with just my name and pretty paper. I think what I love most about this album is my ability to take my favorite items, the most gorgeous supplies from my stash, and make recording these memories beautiful, even if living them wasn't always.

A little peak inside of my album. Here's a good idea as to what kind of journaling I'm doing, how I'm incorporating it and why it's an album just for me and not so much for others to enjoy. I just adore the Carta Bella floral paper I used for this layout. Amazing.

I may or may not share more layouts from this album, depending on how personal and gritty I get with the journaling. Do you guys keep an album just for yourselves to look back at? Not so much for your family, friends or future children, but just for you? Do you document the less than stellar moments in life, the downright heartbreaking ones?

I think this project has quickly become one of my favorites. It's nice to be able to look back and say "wow, you've been through a lot, but gosh it was worth it."



  1. You should scrapbook for a living! You're so talented.

    1. Oh that is so sweet of you, thank you Jessah! I'm applying to be a few creative teams this year but the only way you really get paid for scrapbooking is if you're good enough to design your own line of products!

  2. I love this idea... This makes me want to go back and scrapbook the last decade! I have just started art journalling and while I share most spreads on Instagram, I don't usually share the more personal ones (which is a shame, because they're usually the best ones)!

    1. It's never too late to scrapbook old memories! I just started an art journal too and love how freeing the creative process is. But much like you, if it's TOO personal, I don't share it. Which is a shame because you're right... the more personal it is, the more heart it has in, the more beautiful the page turns out! Thanks for reading, Delaney!


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