Friday, May 10, 2013

Introduction to Fashion

My blog is a catch all. I have passion for so many things. Among these things are modeling, photography, designing and fashion. This post is a little preview of my modeling- thank you to all the awesome photographers I have been blessed to work with. A little about my current style obsession- I adore dresses. They are my single most favorite thing in fashion. One item and you have an entire outfit!
Anything girly gets my heart beating fast. I absolutely love the baby pink/nude color of my lace dress (F21) and the awesome heels with bows around the ankles (Charlotte Russe.) Fun fact about me- I never wear heels that don't have ankle straps. I have weak ankles and I am bound to sprain one in pumps. I am not coordinated enough to handle those. I can be a little clumsy haha. Undergarments should be pretty too. Gorgeous undergarments give women a subtle confidence that breaks hearts.

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