Tuesday, May 14, 2013


In a little over one month, I'm going to be moving. As most of you know, my family got orders to England and I have spent months trying to decide what I want to do. Finally, and to the disappointment of many friends, I decided I did NOT want to move to England. I know, I know- it was a great opportunity, etc, etc, blah, blah, blah. But guess what? It was not the opportunity I wanted to take. It wasn't the journey I was meant to travel. Cold and rainy more than 300 days out of the year? NO THANK YOU! I hate the seasonal winters stateside enough to know that I would be miserable in England.

I would love to take an extended visit there once my family has moved and settled in. Spend time with them and see some of the awesome things I know are waiting to be discovered over there. But moving there wasn't going to make me happy. I'm known for always doing what makes me happy. Despite what people may think about it. So go ahead and judge me. Yes, I turned down the once in a lifetime opportunity to live overseas for free.

Once I made that decision, I began to explore my options. Where did I want to live? Certainly not Hampton Roads anymore. I've been here for far too long and I wanted a major life change. Something exciting, new, more southern. (I love the south- sunshine, polite people, longer summers? Yes, please.) I narrowed it down to Virginia, the Carolina's and Florida. From there it was trying to figure out where I'd be happiest or where it would make the most dramatic impact on my life and really force me to start enjoying life more than I have the last year. All I've done the last year is work. Working hard is important, but I also what to do other things. Explore, travel, experience life.

This story is dragging out, sorry about that. So basically, a few weeks ago, my best friend asked me to move to Charlotte, NC. And I said yes. Not only is he my best friend, but he's my boyfriend, yo. Pretty exciting major life changes happening.

I've visited Charlotte a few times, and loved it each time. It's usually 10 degrees warmer than where I currently live, it's a city full of beautiful buildings. A short travel (couple hours) outside the city and you're surrounded by gorgeous Carolina hills where wild flowers grow on the sides of the highways. So many things to do and to experience there. And with somebody I genuinely like and enjoy the company of.

I am so thrilled to make this change. Hopefully, you're excited with me! In the meantime, let me know if you're in the Hampton Roads area and want to go through my Laurel Lane Accessories inventory for your last chance to buy in person. Also if you want to book a session with Laura Crosby Photography before I leave!


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