Monday, September 24, 2012

DIY Jewelry Storage

Painting all my walls back to white in my home tonight. Which is only my home for one more night before I move into the new place!
Super bummed about leaving this gorgeous huge place behind. I had a 5 year plan, which included living here for the next 5 years before buying a house. So when I moved in, I personalized EVERY room. And now I have to undo it all haha. (I'm kicking myself for ever being so creative now.)
Here's the one I did last night; Necklace and Bracelet storage! Because I had a gorgeous jewelry tree but now I have to take out all the nails, fill in the holes and paint it back white.
I don't want a jewelry tree in my new bedroom and I won't have a craft room in the next house so here's what I came up with:
This was an awesome project. Super easy. And free for me!
I already had a huge cork board that I had high school pictures on. I took them off, painted it white and used pencil and yard stick to draw on two straight lines across it. Then I placed several nails across each line and hung my jewelery.
Nothing makes me happier than clean organization and free diy projects!
The jewelry tree is also great and easy if you want to try it for yourself :) Some people use a tree decal bought online but... I hand drew mine on my wall and then painted it with black acrylic paint. Then put a ton of nails on the branches to hang stuff on, (making that project free too!)

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