Thursday, November 29, 2012

No Apologies

I love networking, meeting new bloggers and reading about their lives.
The problem is, every time I do this, I notice how dramatically different I am than most bloggers I follow.
And when comparing our following, I think- obviously people aren't interested in what I have to say.
People are interested in the ladies I follow. 
The women I adore, but who are all so different than I am.
I am not married. I'm not even engaged or in a serious relationship.
I don't have cute couples stories and pictures to share with you.
I don't have exciting stories about navigating relationships and taking "the next big step" in life.
I don't have kids.
Granted, not all bloggers do... I've noticed that all the people I follow are either mommies, soon to be, or soon to try. I love babies so that's no surprise that I follow those women, but it does mean I don't capture as wide an audience as those bloggers. 
You will never find an "I believe" tab on my page. 
Because the truth is that my struggle with infertility crushed the faith I was devoted to my entire life beforehand. And I don't feel bad for that. I am honest about my struggle with faith.
I practice tolerance. I will never judge you for your religous beliefs. I will never try to sway your religious beliefs or tell you you're wrong. I will never push my beliefs or lack-there-of on you.
And I expect the same respect. Your God is great... for you. But you should respect that not every body believes the same things as you. You should love people regardless of their beliefs.
Isn't that what God asks of you?
The truth is, you don't have to be religiously devoted to be a good person.
You don't have to pray or go to church or belief so strongly in God, to be a beautiful person. 
Or to have a good soul.
And I am a good person.
Even if I struggle with my faith.
This I know without any uncertainty.
I fail at fashion posts.
Once in a while I'll share what I wore at a photo shoot, but that's about it.
I love my kind of fashion. 
Heels, skinny jeans. Cowboy boots, sundresses. Anything floral, with ruffles, lace or stripes.
But I'm pretty mainstream.
I don't excessively buy expensive clothes.
I don't care if other people think that I'm wearing "the cutest" outfit.
I love fashion bloggers, I'm just not one of them.
I have no apologies about being weird.
About not being your typical blogger.
Because part of blogging is building an online base of friends and followers who are interested in you. Who care about you and the same things you care about.
I wouldn't trade who I am, for anything else.
I am a good person.
Even without a boyfriend/fiance/husband.
Even without adorable babies/children.
Even without religion.
Even without fashion.
I am good.
And I'd like to think I'm interesting too... even if it's a different kind of interesting. 


  1. I LOVE this post! I'm neither of these things either! {Except 1 and 2} hahaha! Good for you for not apologizing or giving a crap what others think! I think it's amazing you're putting yourself out there!!! I think you're an awesome blogger!

  2. thank you Amanda :)
    I try to be honest in an approachable way. I don't want to disclude particular people from being interested in my blog, but Im not going to post only good, sweet, awesome things to get them here. Being real is very important to making true, good, life long friends


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