Saturday, December 15, 2012


Today I want to share Ashley's birthday present with you. My dear Ash turned 11 last month.
[I take care of Ashley and her brother. I've been their nanny for almost 2 years.]

Ashley wanted the Taylor Swift cd. We're both obsessed with love Taylor.
And I took my first swing at making a plush deer to match the cd I was giving her.
 I decided she needed another accent color so I made her a fabulous twine and rose headband.

Ashley named her "Deary."
I think Deary is gorgeous. And such a great result for my first ever attempt at making one! It's amazing, the things you can learn to do with google, youtube and determination.
She opened up her present right after school, then we immediately left for a fun girls night to celebrate.
I took her to the cinema cafe to see Breaking Dawn 2.
Beforehand we played ski ball and air hockey (I kicked her butt.) And arcade style bastketball (Where she slammed me, winning with more than a 40 point lead.)
We had a lot of fun!

Time to go have a girls craft night now :)
To relax, craft, and regroup.
Have a lovely day!

Afterthought- terrible day yesterday.
Maniac screamed, cursed at me, laid down on their horn.
All because there wasnt enough room for her to go from behind me into the turn lane beside me when we were at a red light in Newport News. Phrases like "Move yo ass out tha road" and "Pull the f*** up you b****" were screamed at me.
I almost cried.
I couldn't move. We were in bumper to bumper Hampton Roads traffic. The only place I could have gone was into the rear end of the truck in front of me. So I had to sit there and deal with her window down, head out, screaming hateful and unnecessary things while honking at me. Everybody's looking out of their windows like "Whats going on?" This lady was clearly nuts.
I truly had nowhere to go. I have no idea how she expected me to get out of the road or move up for her.
What fills people with such hatred and pure ugly?
I don't understand.
I truly do not understand.
Which relates to yesterday's tragedy in Connecticut.
I don't understand what fills people with such hatred and ugly.
Those poor families.
I hope they are strengthened by our nations thoughts and prayers during this heartbreaking time.
I wish I could go up there and give hugs. I can't give a lot, but I can give a good hug.


Oh, last PS. I'm going to be making more variants of the wonderfully gorgeous plush deer if you want to order. Laurel Lane Accessories (my business of homemade goodies) is selling them for $18 each.
You can request a personalized one with your fav colors :)


  1. Oh my! How cute is that deer!!I have loved getting to know you too!
    Hey, I also gave you an award on my blog.. I would love to hear your answers :)

    1. Woop Woop :) Thanks.
      I'll try to post tomorrow or wed. I'm only home for a few minutes in the middle of my 20 hour work day right now!

  2. Laura, fell across your website and I can honestly say I've felt like this many times in starting my business! It's great you're taking some time to yourself to recoup. Some times that's all we need to get the creative juices flowing again. Photography is definitely a hard journey but well worth the effort. Best of luck to you!

    1. Thank you so much. It's encouraging to know it's all a part of the journey and not the end all. I just snuck a peak at your website and wow, phenomenal work with natural light!


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