Wednesday, December 12, 2012

DIY "Lovely Jeans"

Lovely Jeans
Things you'll need: 
1) Jeans [I bought mine from f21 for only $10.50!]
2) Red fabric paint 
3) Paper cut out of a heart 
4) Bleach pen if you're using dark jeans.
-Put on your jeans. Mark a dot on each leg in the center of your knee.
-Take off jeans. 
-Trace heart outline onto jeans (I used a pencil for that) using the dot on the knee as the center for your heart.
-Place something absorbent, like an old washrag, inside each pant leg, under the hearts; this will keep the bleach from soaking through to the back side of the pants.
-Use your bleach pen to fill in the heart. Let the beach sit for 2 hours.
-Wash and dry jeans.
Note: Bleaching is unnecessary for lighter jeans but mine were dark and the red paint wouldn't have shown up well.
Take your jeans out of the washer and then fill in the bleached heart shapes with your red fabric paint. You can tell I was hasty in applying the bleach so it bled a little outside the outline. Take your time and focus if you want better precision.
Allow 4 hours for the fabric paint to fully dry...
And voila! You've got lovely jeans!
Aren't they breathtaking?! I adore them. Thank you to my girl friend Elisha for taking the pictures :)
My total price for this project- $16. That included buying all the supplies... even the jeans. I hope to try this out again with other patterns. Maybe something on the back pockets of a pair of jeans?


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