Sunday, December 9, 2012

Not All Days Are Good Days...

Some days just aren't happy. It's one of those weekends for me. It stems from the quote above.
I know it shouldn't be an issue, but let's be honest here, every woman struggles with this in her personal and/or career life at some point or another. When you deal with something as life-changing as infertility it can be really easy to get discouraged when you're surrounded by women who easily obtain what you try so hard to achieve but simply can't because of the limitations of your body (ie pregnancy.)
It's okay to admit that.
It's okay to be real.


  1. Great quote and absolutely true.. being genuine is so important to me!

  2. Me too :)
    I think too many people only show the fun, delightful, entertaining, and sweet things in their lives. Never the imperfect moments of doubt, sadness or imperfection (unless it's to blatantly state they aren't perfect lol. Like pretty girls who say they aren't just to receive compliments.)
    Here's to life not always being peaches and cream.
    And to acknowledging those moments when it's not.


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