Monday, January 14, 2013

Country Chic

Just when I thought I was recovering from being sick the last 3 weeks, it comes back.
So I called out of work tonight with the intentions of going to sleep at a decent time because I won't be working until 2 am. Ganna work on some cleaning and organizing to help prepare for the move coming up this month.
Moving has me thinking about my future home. My style is continually developing and changing. From minimal to girly and now I think I have finally found my absolute love.

Pinspiration for today- Country Chic

Favorite Bedroom

Favorite Kitchens

Favorite Mantle 

Favorite Decor

Absolutely loving all the white. Mason Jars, flowers, burlap, lace. I could go on and on, but the style speaks for itself. It's lovely without being "showy." It makes a place really look like home. Like its lived in and loved in. It's also minimal in extravagance. Which is the personal journey I'm on this year. It's not about having the best, its about making the best of what you have. To focus on the beauty of every day items. To be more invested in my life and my family than what I fill my home with. Because a home should be filled with love before anything else.
Now who wants to have a mason jar craft night?



  1. 1. You are GORGEOUS. Are you a model?? (seriously).
    2. I LOVE this decor. I think my mother in law is doing her new house with this theme. I am sending her this blogpost asap!
    3. I want to have a mason jar craft night! I used them as centerpieces at my wedding and my brother used them at his wedding as candle holders (we put wire around the rim and then fashioned a hook so we could hang them from the fences in my parents backyard.

    1. Hi Catalyn, thank you so much for the kind words, they made my evening!
      I am not a model. I am only 5'2 so no major agency will represent me for paid professional work but I love taking pictures for fun or to help photographers build their portfolios.
      Thank you for sharing the blog! I know if I ever have a wedding I will be doing the same thing! Where do you live? I'm in Virginia.


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