Thursday, February 14, 2013

Talking Marriage on the Day of Love

Since I'm not married this Valentine's Day, stalking the blogs of married folks has had me thinking about what kind of man I want to be married to. (And making nifty digital art for my blog, as seen above.) I have a great appreciation for marriage and a narrow view of the kind of person I need to be with to be satisfied with our lives together. Most people would call that picky. I call it smart. I've been married and divorced and one thing I know for certain is that the person you choose to spend forever with, plays a huge factor in the life you will lead... And the rest of your life is nothing to get complacent with.

He must be kind and patient. Because let's face it- I'm sensative and annoyingly absent minded. I want him to be strong in his faith. Mine waivers and I want somebody who will pick me up when I fall short, somebody whose goodness makes me see God in them. I want a man who is hard working and will always match my ambition with his own goals. Somebody whose family oriented and shares similar views on how to raise children and what priorities matter most. I would like a man who laughs. Often. Because I think I'm funny and they should too. I want to marry somebody sensative but solid. Who can cry with me when I can't get pregnant but be my rock and give me hope that it will happen eventually. A man who is supportive. Who encourages my passions and believes in whatever dreams I have.

For a girl whose talking about marriage, there were a lot of "I"s in that first paragraph. But there is so much more to marriage than what a woman wants (mainly a man giving her what she wants. JOKE.) When thinking about marriage and my forever, I also feel motivated to work on the kind of woman I am and becoming the kind of woman I want to be as a wife. The kind of wife who is deserving of man as great as the one marrying me.

I want to be a wife who is appreciative. Who never has a shortage of thankfulness towards her husbands hard work and kind gestures. A wife who is loyal and never speaks ill of him. (Even to her friends when he fogets their anniversary.) I want to be a confident woman who never questions herself or him because she's secure in their lives together. A woman who is loving and nurturing. Who will always put their family first and reguard their well-being with the upmost importance.  I want to be a wife who is silly. One who laughs and plays, bringing happiness into the home.

I am so greatful for the many changes 2013 has brought me already. Making the most of your life is impossible without the right people around you. And finding the right people starts with you being the right person for other people. I want to be the right person. The right friend. The right lover.

Signing off with this amazing love story.

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  1. This is such a great bog I love u honey! mom Happy Valentines!


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