Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday Loveday

Sunday is suposed to be a day of peacefulness and love. I'm struggling with that today. I've been having a high anxiety weekend, I hope that ends soon.

I thought of sharing a ton of beautiful Pinspirations today but decided instead to wait.
"A" and I have been talking a lot about the house and what we I want to do to it. So many ideas and projects I can't wait to put into action and share with y'all.
Who is this mysterious "A" I speak of? My awesome partner in crime. Or crime-fighting perhaps since neither of us particiaptes in law breaking. (If you're not counting my first speeding ticket which was forced upon me this month. Boo.)

Anyways* I'm excited to be introducing him to you all very soon!
I just have to figure out what I'll be calling him. I see so many bloggers refer to their significant others by their initials or clever names like the "hubs."
Maybe I'll go the simple route and use his actual name haha. Since whenever anybody hears the name "A," we automatically think of the psychopath on Pretty Little Liars lol.
Any suggestions on what to call him?
I'm sure he won't  mind whatever it is we come up with.

Leaving you today with this message from 1 Corinthians. One I hope to keep in the front of my mind and close to my heart while my patience runs thin on days like today. I need a break from my anxiety disorder. Can somebody perscribe that for me?


  1. think of words that describe him, or think of things he reminds you of. My other half is often refered to as my lovey. Because he is a loving partner. But i also refee to him as my toil (the one i love). Good luck. First names work just as good

    1. I think I'm going to stick with the first name :) Keep it simple, since that is my mantra this year!

  2. Oh girl, I hear you! I am sorry you were having a hard day with your anxiety, that's the worst! I know we have talked about it before and what sometimes helps us.. Sometimes I just have to pray all day just to get my mind back in order.. "taking every thought captive.." Praying for you sweet girl!
    Do you have a nickname for him? If not, just his name is good! I like using Nathan's name mostly.. unless I am trying to let new people know who he is ;) can't wait to hear more about him!

    1. Thanks, this weekend has been much, much better with the anxiety, thank goodness :D

      I don't have a nickname for him, aside from the cliche ones that everybody uses. That's okay though, I think I'm going to go the old-fashioned route and use his actual name ;)

    2. Oh, and thank you for the prayers!

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