Tuesday, February 19, 2013

DIY Knotted Head Band

Happy hump day, lovelies.
I'm really excited to share this quick diy project with you guys today. It takes all of 2 minutes from start to finish. This DIY elastic knotted head band is perfect for keeping your hair out of your face during these hot summer months. I'm glad I tried it on my own because buying them is so much more expensive than making them yourself!

Project Supplies
- Scissors
- 1/8 yard of stretchy fabric

Project Instructions
- Cut a rectangle out of your stretchy fabric. Dimensions I used were 3 inches wide by 23 inches long. The extra width allows the fabric to roll instead of lay flat against your head. This works great your using a translucent fabric like my gold sparkly find.
- Loop the rectangle of fabric around your head and tie a double knot on top, make sure the head band is nice and snug against your head where ever you knot the fabric because it will stretch slightly over time.
- Chop of the excess fabric to your liking. When I originally tied mine, the resulting excess fabric on top of the knot was 4 inches long, I chopped it down to 2 inches to make a pretty little bow.

Most shops that sell similar styles do sew their fabric so that no exposed edges are showing. I didn't mind the exposed edges because my fabric rolled up on its own to hide them, and the cost difference just wasn't worth it. Plus I got to pick out my fabric and I'm in love with this gold color!

These fabric headbands can be made with cotton or polyester blends- any fabric with some stretch. They are so soft and comfy- perfect for picky people like me who get headaches from wearing headbands- and perfect for babies and their sensitive heads! Will you be trying this diy knotted head band tutorial on your own? Here's a good idea of the comparison between buying and making. Online this gorgeous shop sells them 3/$24. My 1/8 yard of fabric cost $2 and will make 10 of them!

I just adore that shop and probably would buy some of their gorgeous, all natural (non-chemically-treated) fabric headbands if I ever have a little one. The fabric prints are custom made and oh so gorgeous for a stylish little on. But in the meantime I needed a cheaper solution that would fit my needs because they don't sell them in adult sizes!

I keep asking Stephen to teach me how to sew (he knows more than I do from his time sewing patches onto his military uniforms.) If we get a sewing machine I will definitely try my hand at doing the more crisp version with no frayed edges exposed. Happy crafting, lovelies!

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