Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Rustic Floral Crown

I love creating beautiful things. It brings my heart such happiness to see other people enjoying the beautiful things I have created for them.

A couple weeks ago, Sharon Elizabeth Photography and I were talking about collaborating for an upcoming photo session she was planning. She needed a floral crown and I happen to be in the business of creating such pieces. I was delighted to provide this gorgeous crown for your viewing pleasure. I hope you adore these pretty pictures as much as I do! 

My desire for Laurel Lane Accessories is to expand my market this year. Obtain more bridal clients and provide props and accessories mainly for weddings. Combining two things I'm passionate about- love and creating beautiful things. Sounds perfect to me.
All while remaining affordable and able to make one of a kind pieces for each woman who desires them. I am so proud of this gorgeous floral crown. (Only $45)

Many thanks to Sharon Elizabeth Photography for capturing these lovely images. It's always such a pleasure to work with her. Check out more of her work here.
Stop by the Laurel Lane Accessories facebook page to see more accessories or to place an order.


  1. This whole session is just stunning.

    1. Isn't it? She has such good vision and the muscle to pull it together.

  2. Beatiful pictures! You're a great photographer!
    I'm visiting from JMN Way and am a new follower! I can't wait to learn more about you and would love for you to visit my blog!



    1. Thanks so much Caroline! I'm not actually the photographer for this session, I am the designer of the floral crown. Sharon Elizabeth Photography is the photographer :)

  3. Wow, beautiful! :)
    If you could do a tutorial for simple designs it'd be interesting! :)

    1. Everything I know if from youtube! Although, I like to think I have a special eye for design and the arrangement and selection of blooms, the actual making of the floral crown is simple.
      I don't do tutorials on them simply because that's my business and I sell them :) But again, I'm certain you can learn anything on you tube haha


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