Wednesday, March 13, 2013


So What, If...

-I think Linsey is the greatest ever for losing so gracefully on the Bachalor finale
-I think Sean and Kathrine are in a rush to get married sooner than all other Bachalor couples so that they don't have time to change their minds
-I hardley ever share my diy projects with you guys because I always do them in the middle of the night when I can't get good pictures or lighting, I'm working on it.
-I spent all last week crying because I can't have babies
-I still haven't filed my taxes yet, I'm going to owe money this year and that's no fun
-I have to remind myself daily that I'm supposed to be living simply this year and I shouldn't be buying unneccessary items
-I've decided to start mass producing items in my shop (Laurel Lane Accessories) instead of having every piece be a one of kind. Custom pieces don't sell often.
-I wish my Christmas tree were still up
-I decide not to move to Englad. I know it's a once in a lifetime opportunity and I should be jumping at it, but so is creating a life with the love of your life and I don't know that it would be worth the months or year spent apart to take advantage of living overseas. I'm still weighing my options.
-People mistake my being nice as being fake. I'm real and I'm kind. I refuse to speak ill of people who aren't kind to me. And thats called being an adult, not being fake.
-I still want to be a thousand different things when I "grow up."

Side note- you'll be noticing a few changes around here in the next couple of weeks. I'm working on transitioning all of my photography related posts to a new blog created specifically for my photography. I'll also be trying to "spring clean" this blog, organize posts and make sure that this year, I spend more time focusing on the direction of my blog. Which will be mainly about Laurel Lane Accessories, life, love and infertility, as opposed to being a catch all blog :)

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