Monday, April 22, 2013

For the Future

Obviously moving has been on my mind lately, with the family leaving for England soon. I'm working on a list. A list of things for my future. Or my future place, rather. Since my entire future in general isn't something to plan but to happen in time.
I'm not sure what I want to do next, get my own place or wait it out a while longer and pay down a lot of things before getting a place entirely on my own. Either way, this list is one of my desires in my future place. Whether it be in two months from now or a year from now. This is what I want.

1- Must be in the South. Virginia, Carolinas or Florida. I love the sunshine & the warm weather.

2- Community must have a pool. Perferably a gorgeous one since I plan to utilize it often.

3- Lots of sunlight. A photographer's obsession is always with natural light. Big windows, lots of windows, whatever gives me a bright and airy home.

4- Decent yard. Obviously Claire needs some grass. I like trees too.

5- Wood floors. I don't care if they are real or lamenent but I love wood floors. They make a space more inviting, more casual, more my personal style. They're always great when messes happen and great with pets. Bonus? I could do yoga in my own apartment. Ya know, when I learn how to and all.
This is all I've got right now. On the required list anyways :)
I'm pretty open to options in terms of space, location, etc.

I wouldn't mind a large studio apartment. For whatever reason, the idea of an entirely open living space just sounds lovely. It appeals to my creative side.

Who knows when or where I'll be moving. Either way, these are the things that will  make me happy! What would you add to your list?

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