Friday, April 19, 2013

Praying for Boston

Feeling overwhelmed by all the emotion in the press lately? Watching footage of the Boston Marathon tragedy over the last week has been emotionally draining. It is so difficult to comprehend how somebody could kill innocent people without a second thought. How they could take away life, with no mercy or compassion.

One of our profound qualities as a nation is our compassion.

Lately, it seems as though we've had more than our fair share of sorrows shared as a country. More tragedy in the last few months than we've seen in years. More sadness than any one person should have to bear.

The people effected by the bombings are going to continue going down the road of mourning, recovery, forgiveness and acceptance for a very long time. Their struggles will continue long after news coverage ends. Their sorrow will outlive the sadness that most of us felt as we watched the horrific scene unfold from the safety of our living rooms.

Today I ask that we remember them. Not just the lives that were lost, but the lives that were broken. The survivors. The victims who have to attempt to carry on with their lives after losing limbs or family members or after seeing bloodshed and terror all around them. May we think of them often, hope for them daily, and pray for them always.

These families are facing a struggle much harder than what we've seen on our televisions. They have surgeries, rehab and recoveries to make. They have weeks-months of down time from work, where their family may not be able to put food on the table without that much relied on income. They will face thousands of dollars in medicals bills. They will face fear of the future and fear of another event happening at any unsuspecting moment. These families need  love and encouragement.

May we give the victims hope. May we pay it forward by being kind when it's not necessary and especially when its hard. May we show strength and share it with those who need our help. And may we pray for those who are suffering. Let's do our part to help- whether it be thought, prayer, action or monetary contribution.

Remember- every person you see is facing a struggle. Some greater than others.

Let's do whatever we can to give them hope for tomorrow.

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  1. Being a former resident and a runner, My heart goes out to everyone involved. Great post pretty lady.


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