Monday, April 15, 2013

Simple Design

I've found myself with quite the issue. Despite my mantra for the year, (to live simply), I've still got oh so much clutter. I read somewhere that all humans have a single driving desire, the desire for MORE. More than what they have, more than what they need.
Why is it so hard to reshape the way we think and learn not to live excessively? I want to live simply, but it's so hard. Especially in the age of Pinterest! So much to try, so many things to create, so many supplies to have on hand. So here's what I'm doing....
I will not visit the craft store for the next 2 months.
At all.
This is huge people. I'm in the craft store upwards of twice a week. It's my happy place. (It's probably also the thief of my paychecks.) So I'm going to take a break. I'm going to focus on using what I've already got when I want to create. And I'm going to focus on going out and living in the real world when I've run out of inspiration.
No more accumulating.

Here's one of the project's I'm planning to accomplish this weekend! I'm going to make a coordinating set of three painting inspired by this simple design and message. I like the idea of simplifying my art as well as my life.

It's lovely isn't it?

What are you focusing on in the upcoming week? Share your project ideas with me :)



  1. love it.. I love your inspiration post for crafts. Makes me want to try them and be crafty!


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