Wednesday, July 24, 2013

DIY Cake Topper

Exciting things happening around here. I have yet to share pictures from our road trip back from Michigan but we will get to those soon enough. In the meantime, we celebrated Stephen's 25th birthday!
That's right, he's still not very old, despite his dramatic attempts at claiming he is.

There are lots of pictures from his actual birthday, but first I wanted to share this super girly DIY Cake Topper I made for his cake. I thought it was lovely but he wouldn't even take a picture with the cake without a beer in his hand because apparently it was a very feminine cake. That's what he gets for having a really crafty and feminine girlfriend.

What You'll Need:
-Wooden dowels
-Glitter paper

-Cut hearts out of glitter paper
-Tape the top of the wooden dowel to back of the glitter heart
-Stick the wooden dowels into your cake (this also helps keep the layers together!)

I hope you guys enjoyed this one! It was so easy and definitely worth the extra 5 minutes to decorate it. Also, in case anybody's interested, I baked the cake in a 6" pan by Celebrate It. It only took one box of Devil's food cake to make all 3 layers and I held 'em together with whipped frosting. My first attempt at making a layered cake, although not very aesthetically pleasing, it was delicious.

Happy crafting lovelies!

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