Friday, July 19, 2013

DIY Gemstone Hair Clip


Hello guys and Happy Friday!

I am so excited to share this super lovely diy with you. It's extremely easy and for me it was free because I already had all the supplies. Nothing better than a freebie.

What You'll Need-Hairclip
-Assorted gemstones
-Hot glue gun

How To Make-Cut a piece of felt to cover your hair clip. (I made mine much larger than the clip for wow factor.)
-Adhere your gemstones to the felt.
-After you've applied all your gemstones, cut away the access felt around the rhinestones.
-Open your alligator clip and apply hot glue to only the top layer.
-Stick your felt onto your hair clip and let dry

Lastly- have fun wearing your gorgeous new DIY rhinestone hair clip. I know I'll be wearing mine all the time!


  1. I know I tell you this all the time BUT you are so stinkin' creative. Love it!

    1. AWE thanks XD I smile really big every time!
      The truth of the matter is I'm always armed with my hot glue gun. It's like gold lol. It can give anybody DIY superpowers.


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