Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Free Project Life Printables!

The midnight edition of project life is finally available for purchase! I've waited months for it's release and can't wait to get started on my new scrapbook.

I've been working hard on scouring the web for free printables that coordinate with the midnight edition because from what I can tell, the core kits have a ton of repeat fill cards, and I want some variety in my books. To coordinate, I've decided to keep my filler cards to a black and white, grey and yellow color pallet with small pops of bright color here and there to keep things interesting.

For your pleasure- what I've found or made-
(Click on the images to download)


1. Gorgeous Grey Watercolor + Grey Chevron Printables
I absolutely love these gorgeous cards. I'll probably use these prints more than once in my scrap book. I found the Grey Watercolor project life cards here. I resized the "today" print as a 6x4 and the "you and me" print to be 3x4. I also designed coordinating grey chevron 3x4 filler cards. With plenty of space underneith the chevron design for journaling on your cards!

These filler cards are so lovely with just the right amount of color to give your pages some interest and variance from the standard color scheme without being clashy with the midnight edition of project life. These were all free prints I collected throughout the web and resized to fit into your project life pages!

These gorgeous quotes stick to the main color scheme and also coordinate the cursive font in the core kit. I scoured pinterest for some gorgeous quote prints and found these. Unfortunately I couldn't find the original sources to credit for the design but I  resized them to be 6x4 filler cards for your album.

These cards are sized to be 3x4 fillers in your project life albums. Found here. I added text for banners to the bottom of my pages because if you print on standard 8.5x11 paper, you have a large empty space on the bottom of your prints that's not quite big enough to fit another filler card. I'll cut these texts out and layer them over some patterned filler cards from the core kit.
That's all for today! I hope you guys enjoy these free prints and check out the ladies I linked to for some of the original designs. Such talented women, sharing their hard work with us. I'm also exctied for the reformatting and designing I did myself. Lots to learn about design but I'm getting a hang of the standard stuff. I can't wait to print of some pictures and get started on my new Project Life album using these freebies. Let me know if you guys would like to see more freebies and if so- what you'd like!


  1. How fun! Love all of these gorgeous printables!!
    xo TJ

  2. Thank you for all of these! They are gorgeous! I can't wait to put them in my smash book. :)

    1. You're welcome! I hope they look even more gorgeous in your smash book :)


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