Saturday, August 31, 2013

Road Trip to Jacksonville

Last weekend, we had the rare opportunity to spend lots of time with Stephen's family- all of which seem to be scattered around the world. Here's the family run down:
-His parents and two youngest siblings live in Michigan.
-His sister Rachel lives in Chicago.
-His sister Tanya lives in Boston.
-His sister Chrissy is in the Peace Core, currently in Africa.
-His brother Caleb is in the Air Force, serving in Germany.
-His sister Becky and her husband are in the Marine Core, stationed in Jacksonville.

Talk about a patriotic family, right? Makes me super thankful that Stephen's time in the Marine Core is done and that handsome man gets to come home to me every evening. Anyways, Caleb was on leave and back in the United States for a couple of weeks so the majority of the family packed up and met at Becky's huge home in Jacksonville for some family bonding last weekend. Pictures from our road trip on the way there. Sorry about the quality of the images- all taken on my iphone.

Scratchy gives us lots of company while we are driving, he loves to be a part of the action. Claire loves hiding on the floor in the back so she's rarely seen the whole trip! She is such a good car rider for being a dog. We look a little silly- mostly because we're belting out Darius Rucker's "Wagon Wheel" in some of these pictures. It's such a catchy song that whenever it comes on the radio we are obligated to enjoy and participate!

I wanted to share some pictures in this post of the first part of our weekend once we arrived in Jacksonville, but blogger is having issues letting me change the size of my images if they aren't at the top of my post. Has anybody else had this issue?
I guess those will have to wait until tomorrow!
Goodnight guys :)


  1. His little tongue sticking out in the first picture!!! I'm dying!

    1. Thanks Jenna- he's a big ball of cute in our family haha


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