Saturday, August 31, 2013

Our Family Weekend in Jacksonville (Part 1)

If you missed pictures from our road trip to Jacksonville you can see them here!

Not only was Caleb (Stephen's brother) back in the States, visiting from Germany; but we were also celebrating the birthdays of the two babies of the family. Johny, Stephen's youngest sibiling, just turned 18 and Maddy, Stephen's niece turned all of four years old. And when you ask her how old she is, she will be sure to tell you she is now FOUR years old, in a very "I'm so grown up" tone of voice haha. To celebrate, Becky threw a birthday party while we were all in town. Complete with all kinds of fun and food (she was a pretty awesome hostess.)

You are now about to experiance picture overload.

All three boys of the family together and aren't they handsome? From left to right: Stephen, Jon, Caleb and their dad. Stephen spent almost all of last Saturday chasing his niece around the house. To think they play that much all weekend and yet she will never hug him goodbye. She loves to break his heart. He's ganna be a great dad one day!

Claire was breaking my heart, looking so sad in the kennel. Unfortunately she decided to take a mud bath every time she went outside- by literally laying in a mud puddle, so inside her mess had to be contained. It worked out okay though because the kennel makes my shelter-pup feel safe with all those new, scarey people running around.

More pictures from our weekend in Jacksonville coming soon!


  1. picture overload posts are the best. ;) looks like such a fun time!


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