Thursday, October 24, 2013

Helllo, Goodbye

This week has been a crazy rush of little sleep and a whole lot of work, today being no different. We're also closing on our new house tomorrow morning, meaning I'll be working, packing and moving all weekend! For the sake of keeping up with at least SOME of my blogging duties, here's a quick post for you.

Beach lifestyle session with Jessie Silva of Schu's Shoots Photography.

Hello brisk fall days, Goodbye beautiful summer warmth.
Hello holiday craft projects, Goodbye all my hot glue sticks.
Hello days spent with children at work, Goodbye loads of free time for crafting.
Hello gorgeous new house, goodbye one bedroom apartment.
Hello nesting mode, Goodbye bachelor apartment decorated like so.
Hello mortgage, Goodbye being able to take weekends off work.
Hello fenced in backyard, Goodbye neither of us wanting to walk the dogs early in the morning.
Hello mugs filled with hot chocolate, Goodbye mugs filled with ice cream.
Hello Ikea, Goodbye paycheck.
Hello renewed passion for my photography business, Goodbye to constantly feeling inferior.
Hello hand written letters and care packages, Goodbye to being a bad long-distance friend.
Hello having baby fever and wanting to fill the bedrooms of our new house, Goodbye to talking about it.
Hello spending the rest of tonight packing, goodbye things I'm about to donate because I'd rather not pack 'em.

What are you saying hello and goodbye to this month?


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