Saturday, November 30, 2013

Adding Private Information to Your Project Life Albums

Hey guys, today I have a gorgeous pink layout to share with you. You may remember seeing the bare bones of it in this post about planning your project life spreads, and here's the finished project!

In this layout, I wanted the focus to be on the pretty pictures of our day spent at an orchard. By choosing project life cards that color coordinated with the images, the filler cards, while gorgeous, redirect your attention back to the pictures in this layout.

Do you ever have pictures or journaling that you don't want others to read in your album, but they are too important to you to leave out?

In this instance I had a text from Stephen that was so sweet and thoughtful but was definitely part of a private conversation we were having. It was too meaningful to me to leave it out and I didn't want just anybody to be able to read it if they were looking through my albums, so here's the solution I came up with. I printed off a screen shot of the conversation, then discretely tucked it behind a headline 4x6 project life filler card with a small explanation on the card. This way I know what's behind it later, but for somebody just gazing through the pages, they wouldn't be bothered to check behind the card (just as they wouldn't be bothered to open all the folding journal cards to read that days events.)

Do you add images or journaling to your albums that are only for you to look back on later? How do you discretely include them to your albums so that friends and family don't notice when you share your albums with them?

I hope you've all had a wonderful holiday weekend!


  1. I love this!!! You. Are. So. Creative. XOXO love the pink and the word and images. Love!

    1. Thank you Jessah! When I saw the pictures from your wedding/elopement I thought "gahhh, these are too gorgeous NOT to scrapbook!" You should give it a whirl if you ever slow down with your work load :)

  2. LOVE that these pictures match so well with the cards you used. Your tank tops and the tree in the back. Beuatiful!

    Through my many years of scrapbooking i've collected a lot of embellishments like sequin, wood veneer, photo frames, washi, enamel dots, stickers, etc...Do you have any layouts that you love in which you used embellishments? I don't want to leave this things out since I have them already but I also want to make a big change from my usual spreads.

    1. Thanks Janicke! Yes! One of my favorite tips is to use embellishments. My favorite way to do this is with a sewn shut page protector slot. I'll add sequins, glitter, a wood veneer, whatever to a pocket then sew the top of that pocket shut :) You'll see it quite frequently in my layouts.


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