Friday, January 24, 2014

Chrissy's Welcome Home From Africa

Stephen's got a big family. And by big, I mean huge. He has 7 brothers and sisters, living in different states, countries and continents. Two days before Christmas last month, his sister Chrissy was returning to the United States from a 2 year volunteer program with the Peace Core in Africa. This was the first time his entire family was together in more than 2 years. As you can imagine, that made it kind of a big deal :)

And when big deals happen, I like to hide behind my camera. I love the way these pictures turned out- my first time ever taking pictures under airport florescent lighting. But each and every one of them is filled with so much emotion. Excitement, anticipation, joy, thankfulness, and oh so many happy tears the first time they see her! I had never met her before this, and the whole family had me in tears, I was so happy for them. (I'm also a tad bit super emotional haha.) Without further ado, Welcome home, Chrissy!

The night before she flew in, one of the kids had the fabulous idea of making welcome home signs for her. Lucky for us, I had tons of crafting supplies to pull out! Markers, washi tape, acrylic paint and glitter galore. What's your favorite way to welcome home a loved one?


  1. Absolutely perfect! I really think you captured the moment! Thank you, Laura!

    1. Thank you and you are so welcome :) If anybody wants a CD so they can print them off, I just need their address to mail it to them!


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