Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Revelation About Comparison

One of my favorite bloggers, Katie, started a recent post with this quote:
"Being in your 20's is such a profound experience. For the first time in your life you are not at the same stage as everyone else your age, just traveling along, grade level by grade level."

Lately, I've been dwelling on the fact that my 20's look nothing like most of the people I grew up with. In such a way that I've been coveting some of the experiences they've had that I haven't yet (and maybe never will.) Katie's beautiful way with words completely shifted my perspective, though. And here's what I've come to realize:

"Being in your 20's is such a profound experience. For the first time in your life you are not at the same stage as everyone else your age, just traveling along, grade level by grade level." You make your own choices, you have life experiences that are unique to you alone. You end up in completely different places than your friends (old and new.) You grow up to be a different person than you imaged. You start growing up and when you look around, you notice that your life doesn't look anything like those of your peers.

And sometimes, when it seems like everybody is getting married or having children, I have to remind myself that it's OKAY. It's okay that I'm currently not engaged or married or having children. It's okay that I don't have plans to do any of those things. It's okay that I'm not having baby showers or in a successful career right now. It's okay that my life looks nothing like other 20-somethings. It's okay that I've grown apart from most of my younger life friends and only closer to a few of them.

Because the experiences that I've had instead of those ones, are experiences that will shape me into the woman I will be for the rest of my life. I'm a hard worker. I'm a dream chaser. I'm a woman who doesn't compromise on her passions and instead pursues all of them. I'm a lover. I'm a rock solid friend to those few friends I do keep very close to me. I am a seeker of adventure and change. I am an entrepreneur.

And the real thrill comes from accepting that THAT'S AMAZING. My life, just as it is right now, IS AMAZING. And so is yours. Even if it doesn't look like mine. Even if it doesn't look like your friends. Even if it doesn't look like what you imagined. So seek your thrills in whatever delights your heart. And never look at anybody else's life long enough to think for a second that you don't have just as many blessings as they do, however different those blessings may look.

Many thanks to Katie for the beautiful inspiration. Goodnight, lovelies.


  1. I am so grateful that my words had an impact on you. YOU, my beautiful friend, have had experiences that have molded you into such a compassionate and loving person:) God is going to use you in great ways because of what you have experienced!! He is GOOD, and your story is a gift to you and others:) xoxo Katie

    1. They most certainly did, I just love your heart and your words that come from that. So encouraging. Thank you so much for the kind compliment, Katie. I can't wait to see how He uses it :D

  2. This is beautiful and very timely. I'm currently thinking a lot about my 20s and how they looked nothing like I imagined or like those of my friends. I'm approaching 30 now and I'm married with 2 kids, after a long long battle with infertility that began in my teens, and I feel like I fast-tracked through my life, missing all of the things that (in my circle of friends) you are 'supposed' to do in your 20s!

    1. I completely understand. And may that serve as a reminder to me that I should stop and enjoy the childless 20's for now :)


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