Friday, April 11, 2014

A Charming Project Life Layout

I am so in love with this layout. I'm pretty sure Dear Lizzy's new Daydreamer mini kit is my all time favorite. Seriously. In love. The best part? How lovely it mixes in with the Midnight edition which is another favorite of mine.

I'm finally starting to let a little color back into my layouts. When I first start project life last summer, I was all about pastels and used way too many colors in my layouts, that you didn't actually notice the pictures. This years minimalist approach has been such a time saver for me! Not only do these pages take less time to put together, but they are so visually pleasing when I look back at them later. All the white space. All the pretty floral and polka dots. Pretty much explains me to a "t." Simple but feminine. I find the combination to be absolutely stunning on these pages.

Which kits are proving to be your favorites this Spring?



  1. oh lovely! I agree about Daydreamer and Midnight - they match together so great :)

    1. Thank you, Magda <3 and they do. Easily my two most favorite kits!

  2. Oh how I love these pages. And I love that you photograph your layouts on your furry mat.

  3. Love this! What is the feb date card from?


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