Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Simplest Scrapbooking Pages I Have Ever Made

Sometimes it's easy to get lost in our creative messes. Grabbing papers, embellishments, laying things over one another; try to achieve the perfect layout. Some people don't understand why. Why do we do this? Why do we spend so much time, energy and money on this hobby? Because preserving our memories so that they can forever be cherished by ourselves and our families is important to us.

I love this creative process. So much so, that sometimes I just want all my friends to join in. And a lot of times I get responses like, "Oh, I don't scrapbook." When asked why, it's usually not because my friends don't have interest in it... it because of things like this-
-It's easier to keep all my images on my hard drive
-Scrapbooking takes so much time
-It's so expensive
-I'm not creative

So today, I wanted to share with everybody the simplest scrapbooking pages I have ever made. Because if you're really interested in it, you can do it to! It doesn't have to take a lot of time, energy, money or skill.

Layout 1- "All Time Favorite"

Layout 2- "Has My Heart"

I absolutely adore these simple layouts. They have turned out to be some of my very favorites. Keeping it simple means the photos really get to take center stage. And glittered phrase stickers add just the touch of girly charm that I love in my pages.

If you're interested in making these pages for yourself, but don't normally scrapbook or have any idea where to start, I've added super simple instructions below :) Scrapbooking isn't for everybody, but it can be simple enough and affordable enough for everybody who wants to do it to be able to do it.


How to make these pages:

Layout 1-
Print photo. Adhere photo to 12x12 white cardstock using double sided tape. (I chose to roughly center the photo on the page. ) Add a gorgeous sticker under your photo.
This layout cost less than $1 to make. Awesome, I know.

Now, if you're feeling fancy like I was and want a bit more of a challenge, try the second layout!

Layout 2-
Print photo. Grab a couple pieces of scrap paper. Use paper trimmer to cut two rectangles slightly larger than your photo. Adhere photo to those rectangles and then to your 12x12 white cardstock using double sided tape. Add a gorgeous sticker under your photo. Use double sided tape to adhere a flair button on your photo.
This layout cost less than $2 to make.


  1. Not just the lettering and the layout but those pictures are beautiful! Very professional looking.,

    1. Oh they are <3 I'll be doing a post about them later, I got them done with my sisters and I when I visited them last month! You can check out the photographers page here:
      She does lovely work!


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