Thursday, June 5, 2014

Project Life

The end of February- first week of March. aka. the week my printer decided to waste 8 pages worth of ink by printing photos too dark, too high contrast and too blue because the magenta ink head needed to be cleaned. But being the trooper that I am, I used what photos I could.

This also happened to be the week that I convinced my handsome guy to take a few family pictures with the me and the pets in our guest bedroom. I adore our little family. I used quite a few pink tones to help balance out all the cool toned photographs. In the end, I'm pleased with it. If just to say "thank goodness I'm done documenting February... in June."

For all my gals who are out there working on layouts from months ago (or even years ago,)... keep on keepin' on. We've got this!



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