Monday, April 27, 2015

Hiking in the Mountains Project Life Layout

Ready for another dose of adventure? Hiking through Mt. Lemmon in Arizona with my family last summer, I was sure to take SO MANY photos. Part of memory keeping is that it forces you to be intentional with taking photos and actually printing them. I love having that physical copy of my photographs, beautifully recorded so I can look back at later and share with family and friends.

I had a lot of fun with colors in these four pages. I added a post card I got a gift shop up in the mountain and also a leaf I collected during our hike. I love experimenting in my album and adding unusual elements to my pages like memorabilia. I'm not sure how many people would consider a leaf to be memorabilia, but it is for me!

The "Oh darling, let's have an adventure," card is from one of my favorite kits in my etsy shop, the Travel Edition kit. There are also a few other cards from that kit and the Everyday Moments kit in these pages. Simplicity makes my heart so happy.

I had just gotten the new Heidi Swapp Favorite Things core kit the weekend I put together these pages and used a lot of the gorgeous journaling cards here. I love how seamlessly my kits mix and match with the project life kits I have in my stash. It makes for an easy and quick process when I put my pages together.

I'm so excited to finally be sharing all these layouts from my 2014 album. Hopefully I'll be all caught up on sharing soon! It feels so good to have finally finished my 2014 album and with it, my first full year of doing Project Life. Have you been able to consistently stick with a memory keeping system for an entire year? How rewarding was it for you to have all those memories recorded?



  1. I absolutely LOVE that you added the natural fern :) Such a creative and simple idea!


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