Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Remember to Have Fun

One of the terrible things about becoming an adult is forgetting to have fun. To let go of all inhabitations, make a fool of ourselves, stop worrying (about sharks in the ocean, breaking things in the house, being too loud;) and just BE. We forget how to just be who we are and have fun.

So here's a reminder. Just be. Let go of worry. Let go of rules and have a little fun. Here's to more slumber parties, pillow fights, cartwheels on the beach, chasing my dogs around the house, having the loudest laugh and being 110% me. Because you know what? The qualities that labeled me as "annoying" when I was younger- being loud, bossy, positive and overflowing with personality- are the qualities that make me charming, charismatic, a leader and a business owner, as an adult.

Somewhere along the way, we dull parts of ourselves that others don't like. We call it "growing up." Conforming to the rules, expectations and aspirations that other people have for us. But it's a lie. Growing up doesn't have to mean giving up parts of who you are. It should be about learning to be comfortable with who we are and using those defining qualities to our advantage. Let your light shine. Be who you are. And have fun.

Happy Hump Day!


PS. This is a very old photo of me, taken 6-7 years ago! Serving as the perfect reminder to have fun again.

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  1. Word! All of it true. You are still young, so reading this post it all comes back to me. People do change for all those reasons you listed, only the few will stay true & not care what others think. That's where my husband & I fall. Happy day to you! 😊


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