Monday, October 15, 2012


A lot of people ask me how I stay in shape. Mainly people who know me. I will tell you it's not easy. There's a lot of working out and a lot of (trying) to eat right.
I love fruits and vegetables so that's not a problem. My problem is eating way past the satisfied feelings until I feel sickly full. So I'm trying smaller portions and more variety each meal. Since I want this blog to be a catch-all, I figured I would post my first recipe on here :)
This is an example of my bi-weekly grocery shopping. Lots of fruits, veggies and meat. 
Gatorade for working out and pickles because I LOVE them.
The resulting meal :) It was VERY delicious. And it cost about $4 for 4 servings. Chicken breasts (preferably fresh, not frozen) baked in Apple wood rub. Cut up fresh tomato. And wacky mac with Alfredo sauce.
The wacky mac was just for fun... you could use any noodles but I thought the colors were awesome.
Comment if you want any more information on particular brands I buy or anything else ;)


  1. This looks Delicious. I want to make this for lunch next week. What kind of Alfredo sauce did you use? or did you make from scratch? Did you cut up the chicken breasts before or after you baked? I usually cut chicken into smaller pieces so they cook faster but it sometimes comes out dry.

  2. The Alfredo sauce was from McCormick, you can actually see the package in my shopping cart picture :)

    The way I cook my chicken-
    1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
    2. Put tinfoil in your 9in pan.
    3. Coat your chicken in whatever spices/seasonings you like.
    4. After all chicken is on top of the tinfoil, fold the remaining edges of tin foil over the chicken to cover it completely.
    5. Fill pan with water
    6. Put in oven

    My chicken NEVER turns out dry. You only have to let it cook for 20 minutes but I ALWAYS leave mine in for 40 or more minutes because I'm paranoid of consuming raw meat haha. This method is fantastic and really keeps your chicken moist because you are essentially steaming it and adding moisture to the meat instead of baking it and taking moisture away! Then I dice up the chicken after its cooked =D

  3. Thanks Laura,
    I made this yesterday including: Apple Wood Rub Chicken, Wacky Mac, McCormick Alfredo Sauce and diced tomatoes.
    The chicken came out Juicy and tasty but I must have over cooked the pasta cause it does not look like your picture.haha.. I will try again next week:D

    Thanks again for the recipe and the useful tips were very helpful.

  4. I'm glad the chicken trick worked! Nobody ever thinks to "steam" their chicken like I do but it works great :)


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