Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Closing Shop for 3 Months!

If you've been following my journey recently, you know I'm moving to Charlotte next month. A move that I am very, very excited about! (Read here if you don't know what I'm talking about.)

In the last couple of months I've been working on making quite a few changes in my life. Meditation, more quality time with loved ones, etc. Mainly focusing self-improvement and happiness from within.

The closer the out-of-state move gets, the more I am resorting to a minimalist approach in life; something I never would have considered 6 months ago. I love things. I am very materialistic. One attribute I hate about myself. I love having nice things, I like getting the things that I want and I have no problem working really hard for them. Unfortunately this has lead to an immense amount of possessions that contribute nothing to my life. Possessions, objects, (eh-hm crafting supplies,) that do nothing but take up space in my life. They take my time, my energy and my money (lusting after them, working for them, buying them, cleaning up after them.)

Nothing is more overwhelming to me than clutter. It's such an awful word, that "clutter." It's stressful. It makes us unhappy. Which is so ironic because I've spent years buying things to make me happy. Giant fail. A failure I am glad to have realized at 23 years old instead of at 30, 40 or 50 years old.

Things don't make people happy. Experiences are what makes life rich. The people you spend your time with, the things you do with them and the things you do for yourself- that's what contributes to having a fulfilling life. This is something I'm really focused on this year, with my New Year's mantra-  "Being happy with LESS."

I'm finally implementing this the way I had hoped to. I've been getting rid of so much. More than half of my crafting supplies, clothes, pointless possessions. And with the move, I'm going to take it one step further.
When I move to Charlotte, I'm taking my beloved puppy, my clothes, shoes and a few books I want to read this summer. That's it. Nothing more, nothing less. I'm going to focus on working hard and working a lot. I'm going to focus on spending time on myself- yoga, exercise, meditation, learning how to cook and eat healthier than the fast food I've relied on for years. I'm going to invest my time in our home and in our relationship. I'm going to focus on meeting some of my own personal and financial goals and I'm going to focus on experiencing life together. I'm going to put all of my "things" into storage until we get a bigger apartment in September. And from the time I move there at the end of June- until the time we get our first place together in September, I am going to take a break from Laurel Lane Accessories. Then, in September, I am going to reevaluate my life. See if I actually miss crafting. See if I miss spending all the money, time and energy on something that has provided such little in return. See if I want to continue with it or let it go.

This is a huge thing for me. Focusing on what REALLY matters.

I can't wait for all of these changes. It's thrilling and terrifying at the same.

I hope you follow along with me for this new adventure! I can't wait to share all the awesome things and changes in my life that are bound to happen.

I'd like to leave a lasting impression with you about minimalism and how I interpret it. Minimalism for me isn't about giving away all of what you own and living without possessions or money. It's not about making a drastic change in which you live without any objects. Minimalism to me is about making sure that everything you do own is something you absolutely love, something you need, something that contributes to your well being and your happiness. Having only things that contribute to a happier, more simple, fulfilling lifestyle. Minimalism to me is about focusing less on the things (acquiring and keeping them) and focusing more on life.

Here's a peak into the simplier home/life I'm craving:


A simple, bright, clean and white home. More yoga. More reading. More holding hands. Fresh and wonderful food. These are the things I want most. This is my kind of minimalism. "Gratitude turns what we have, into enough."


If you'd like to order anything from Laurel Lane Accessories or look through inventory before I take my 3+ month hiatus, contact me on facebook :)


  1. I totally feel you on this. I've felt very much the same lately. I want more white in my house. Less stuff to look at. Just space so I don't feel so crowded. It's an urgent feeling too.....like I need more white and less stuff or I'm going to have a panic attack! :))

    Good luck on your new adventure!!

    1. Thank you so much! And YES, I've had the same panicky feeling too. Sometimes I can't even sleep I feel so overwhelmed and consumed by my STUFF. One night I got out of bed at 3 am and randomly started scrubbing all the baseboards in my bedroom and then started going through my closet and tossing stuff into donation bins. It's definately been an internal struggle with how strong the impulse is to get rid of it all.


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