Monday, May 27, 2013

Today, We Remember the Fallen.

While I respect and appreciate the service of all veterans and active duty military members, it is important to remember that this is NOT Veterans Day or National BBQ Day or Awesome 3 day weekend celebration. Memorial day is to honor the FALLEN soliders, the ones who didn't come home from war. And while you're enjoying your bbq and pool, a lot of families and friends are grieving for the loved ones they've lost. Please be respectful and remember what today is really about. If you know anyone who has lost a loved one in war, today's a great day to let them know you're thinking about them. Bring them dinner. Let them talk about their loved one with you. Pray for them.


  1. Great post! It is so important to remember this holiday is about more than just a 3-day weekend and BBQs.

    1. Thank you :D I think most people forget that its not a happy weekend for a lot of families. It's sad and its about missing and honoring the loved ones theyve lost. That often gets mistaken for "awesome three day weekend."


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