I live with a condition called "Unexplained Female Infertility." Here is an archive of all of my blog posts about infertility. Clicking any photo will take you to that article. Happy reading!

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  1. Hi,
    I read your story with great interest. Infertility was my fear as well, especially as I got older and no husband. God heard my prayers and I've been blessed with a husband at 38 and 2 kids by 40. Talk about last minute! And to make it even harder, I am a surgeon and fully know the odds of conceiving a first child at 38 and 39 and having a good outcome.
    To you I say that His plans are not known to us but it is possible He has a plan for you that will surprise you. Your path to motherhood may not be traditional and I hope you can keep your heart open to all the possibilities. I cannot tell you the years of loneliness and tearful prayers that came before my family arrived. You are never alone. Best wishes,


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