Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Using the 5th and Frolic Core Kit

Again, I start this post with the disclaimer that I'm really going to try hard in the new year to take lovely, high quality images so I'm not stuck scrap booking all these blurry, over saturated camera phone pictures again.

Thank goodness for gorgeous core kits because they can make a layout come together even when your pictures are of a certain dullness. In this Project Life spread I used the 5th and Frolic core kit. I just love the floral and feminine touches it adds to my layouts.

I got really crafty putting together this spread because of the challenges I faced with my pocket page designs. Although the left page looks like design A, it's actually a page make of six 4x6 sized pockets because the back of that page had a ton of full sized pictures I needed to incorporate. Then I had the challenge of making the back of that page look complete and not empty even though I only had three 4x6's to fill all those large pockets. I fixed this by using the 3x4 filler cards and just adhering them to the back of my 4x6 images in the center on the other side. This way I get the look of the design A page and I didn't have to worry about the page looking empty.

I also took scissors to some 3x4 filler cards from the 5th and Frolic core kit and used them all over the rest of the spread. I added the teal "hello today" onto a green floral print card so that the card matched the park picture underneath it (with all the green tones) and still pulled in the teal accents from the opposite page so the spread really looks like it goes together. (I have issues if my pages aren't visually cohesive with their color pallets.)

I added part of a 3x4 filler card on my center insert on the right hand page. If you look, it's actually one of the same cards used on the left page. The large journaling card on the left page was a solid white journaling card before I added some colored flags to it. I used left over scraps from the 5th and Frolic cards I had already cut up to make those flags, once again making sure that I was pulling the same colors into each card. Last, I added a black tab to a solid white journaling card and tucked that behind the large picture of Claire. This way I know there's a story hiding behind that picture for me to read later.

Overall I'm really pleased with this layout, especially considering it was one of my very first project life spreads! I just joined the Project Life movement this summer and I'm overwhelmed with all the gorgeous options we have access to in stores now. I just love going to Hobby Lobby and using my 40% off coupon on the core kits. It makes me feel like I'm getting away with something :)

Which core kit is your favorite? Which one do you lean on to make up for sometimes lackluster photographs?

xoxo, Laura


  1. Very Pretty layouts. I'm loving the 5th and Frolic kit....now to get my hands on it!

    1. Thanks AJ! I highly reccommend buying it at Michael's craft store or Hobby Lobby. Both offer a 40% off coupon on their website you can print out or save on your phone and use on buying the core kits in the store! Way better prices that way than the core kits I've seen sold online.


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