Thursday, February 27, 2014

Bringing New Life to an Old Album with Project Life

Guys, I'm a little embarrassed about some of the pictures I'm sharing today. Really embarrassed. Because my pretty project life layouts weren't something that happened overnight. See, I started scrapbooking about two years ago. With little more than a paper trimmer and some card stock. I used cheap stickers and spare ribbon to decorate my old scrapbooking pages and I had no clue what I was doing. (The designer in me cringes just flipping through my old scrapbooking albums.) So today I'm sharing how to bring new life to an old album, by using the project life system.

Before- I told you guys it was bad. I HAD to start redoing some of my old pages because I can't even look through my old albums and enjoy them. I spend the whole time thinking, ugh, I used to think this was fantastic? haha. And now...

It was pretty easy to start this renovation/makeover of my old scrapbooking albums. I'm nowhere near complete, but this gives you a good idea of how I'm using project life to really fix things up around here :)

Step 1) Get rid of old, pixelated, dark walmart prints. Now, most of these pictures were taken so long ago, the images will remain pixelated. Digital cameras were just becoming "affordable," but still had nowhere near the quality of images we get from our cameras now.
Step 2) Print old photos on home printer. I did the best I could to brighten a few of them up and printed them at home where they print how they appeared on the computer. None of that dark, awful walmart photo printer crap.
Step 3) Slide the pictures into my pocket pages and pick out some correlating cards to go in my empty pockets.
Step 4) Embellish. Add some (thankfully, much nicer than I used to have 2 years ago) stickers and wood veneers.
Step 5) Enjoy.

I'm so glad I've started tackling this no doubt, long process. I have 23 years of my life to document and/or re-document. But I'm so glad I'm doing it. I just love project life. I'm still mixing in traditional layouts with the pocket pages for my old albums. Especially keeping some of the less awful ones I made way back when, keeping some of the original layouts in there so I can see how far I've come creatively and appreciate where I started.

Are you guys ever unhappy with something you've created to the point where you just start it all over again? It's a lot of work with scrapbooks, but my memories are important to me. What do you guys think of the project life system?



  1. Kudos. I have a few things (not quite scrapbooks) that I wish I could go back and redo, heck, there are a bunch of pages from last year that I want to redo. How many do you think that you will do ? I think if I had to start I would never stop, and would never ever be happy with how they turn out. You're mad, but I commend you :)

    1. <3 Mad is one word for it. It is a lot of work but luckily I've only got about 1 year total in documented memories to redo. Most of my life other than that one year has yet to be documented. But I'm slowly working on it :)

      I think for me, the hardest part is going back and making a timeline for all the events I have and trying to scrapbook them for the first time. Its hard to remember exactly where and when everything happened, and in what order. Redoing old layouts is easier for me because all the pictures and information/journaling is already there. I just have to reprint it all and reorganize it in a prettier fashion.


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