Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Goal Setting and Free Printables!

In the beginning of the year, I shared some of my goals with you guys. I also made sure my One Little Word this year reflected those goals and would help me focus my energy and time into making those resolutions a reality. But how do you make sure those resolutions flourish into actual success throughout the year? For me, it's all about goal setting and list writing.

I am obsessed with lists. But I was finding that daily and weekly goal setting and list writing wasn't working for me. Instead, it left me feeling discouraged and unsuccessful when I didn't fulfill the tasks I had set for myself. This blog post isn't about my failures though. This post is all about how I changed the way I was setting goals, in order to find what works for me. And some free tools to get you started, too!

You know how looking at an inspiration board helps you feel inspired and focused on achieving your goals? Well I started off using that concept to build these amazing power sheets help me with my goal setting. Now, I have a whole binder that I use daily to document what I want, what I'm working towards and to document when I've achieved it.

I have discovered the awesomeness of monthly goal setting. Guys, I can't even explain how amazing this concept is. It changed everything for me. And here's why; If I need to take a sick day or want to spend an evening cuddling with my gorgeous boyfriend, I don't have to feel bad for the things I'm not getting done on my list. At the end of the day or week, I don't feel unaccomplished and lousy about how little I got done. Because I have the whole month to get these things done. What's even better, is that with monthly goal setting, I get to focus on the bigger picture and my long term goals instead of the mundane little tasks every day that distract from those.
You know the feeling you get when you look at your to-do list and realize that you didn't get anything done that day? You feel down right lousy. You loose all motivation... especially when you have to move all those tasks to the next day's list. Well, I don't have to worry about that anymore! Instead of worrying about how I didn't do the dishes on Monday or blog on Thursday, I get to look at the big picture every day. I get to see my life goals and how those translate into my monthly goals. Every time I check off one of my monthly goals, I do a little victory dance. That's how good it feels.
What's even better is that I have the freedom to choose which tasks I want to work on each day. If I don't feel like blogging today, no big deal. I can do it tomorrow. There's so much less stress and so much more freedom. And the best part, I created all these gorgeous pages to keep me on track this year and I'm sharing them with you, too!
There are a total of four power sheets to help you get things done. First and foremost, there's a sheet for your life goals. I LOVE this sheet. Looking at my life goals every time I open my binder really keeps things in perspective for me. It reminds me why I'm putting in all this hard work. There's also a sheet for your 2014 resolutions. Next up are my favorites. You have monthly goal sheets to help you write lists and get things done. There's also an amazing notes page to add after each monthly goal sheet. I ADORE these notes sheets. I use them to write encouraging reminders to myself, to keep myself accountable and to write about how the month went overall for me. What did I accomplish? Do I feel good about those successes? Where am I in terms of working hard to get the life I dream of? And, if I didn't accomplish some of the monthly goals, why? Did I change my mind about wanting to fulfill that particular goal? Did I see that it wasn't helping me work towards the bigger picture? What can I do to make better goals, ones that I can achieve and feel fantastic about afterwards? 
I am so in love with this concept and I love having the tools to help me succeed. You can download your own power and goal sheets here. If you use these gorgeous sheets, I would love to hear from you. I encourage you to share your stories with me. I would love to see how you've used them and how they've helped you!
This year is off to a great start for me so far and I have this amazing concept to thank. I created my sheets about midway through January and managed to accomplish almost everything on my January monthly goal list in the remaining half of the month! I hope you love them as much as I have so far. I just love sharing all these little tips and tricks with you guys. Especially when I know how hard it can be to remain focused and determined throughout the year.
Things you can do to make these sheets extra special:
- Print them on heavy card stock. Mine are on 110lb card stock in 8.5x11 size. You can find big packs of this stuff at walmart and other retailers and let me tell you what, friends, it is so luxurious! I just love the thick paper and how durable it is, the air of importance it adds to my sheets.
- Put 'em in a binder! Having one place to go to look at all of your goals, dreams, resolutions, notes and lists is amazing. You'll always know where to find it, and it keeps them all working together. Each sheet serves a purpose, to enforce the one before it and keep you focused on the big picture. Use this to your advantage.
- Finally, share with others. Share your stories with me and your friends. What are your goals and resolutions this year? What do your life goals look like? What hard work are you putting in and how does writing it all down help you?
I can't wait to see what wonderful things you guys do this year. It's going to be a big year for me and I can't wait to share each little step with you along the way.
Happy Tuesday!


  1. As usual, cutest printables and idea ever. Your so smart and talented, my sweet friend. I used my bath slats last night and thought of how lucky I am to have met you.

    1. <3 every time you comment on my blog, my heart flutters. I just love having you in my life. IF sisters are the best.

  2. Thank ya for the printable! Also, you have beautiful handwriting! :)


    1. You are so welcome! And thank you, Elisha. I try to write slowly, otherwise it looks like a big ole' mess on my pages haha


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