Friday, November 7, 2014

Documenting Our Snuggle Sessions With Project Life

More snuggling layouts from lazy days around the house. My favorite kind of days and I don't want to forget them! This time I used a touch of blue as my accent color. And my huge crush on black and white is obviously still going strong. What are you crushing on creatively?



  1. Cute! Like the combination of black, white and blue!

  2. Wow this is so lovely <3 Lazy days are the best ;)
    The combination of these colors is so nice and one of my favorite.
    I also try to choose one accent color, but some times i want it colorful ;)

    Have a nice week <3

    1. Thanks, Nikki <3 I'm going to have to take the leap into trying colorful sometime! Usually I stick to one or two accent colors because I like to play it safe haha. Hope you're doing lovely!


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