Monday, January 12, 2015

2015 Resolutions and Goals

Resolutions are a tricky game... to make them or not to make them. This year, I decided that instead of resolutions, I was going to make a humble list of goals. Mainly because I'm going to keep working towards the things I've already been working towards, so I'm not really "resolving" to do anything- I'm already doing the things I want to focus on.

My 2015 list of goals isn't long. In fact, after last year's crazy long list of resolutions, this year's list is going to be quite humble. I now know that I can't do it ALL, but I can choose to do a few things very well and focus most of my energy into them instead of spreading myself thin over a long list of goals. For goal setting sheets and planner inserts, check out these free printables I shared last year.

My 2015 Goals
- Pay off debt and focus on living a debt-free lifestyle. This will take a lot of work on reshaping some of my values. Instead of focusing on having lovely possessions and traveling often, it'll be a constant reminder of what my highest values are and how I need to live in a way that respects those values. I am very excited about tackling a debt-free lifestyle this year.
- Focus on my businesses. Create more value and excitement within my brands. Grow my businesses and specialize where I need to. Laurel Lane Accessories, Laurel Lane Designs and The Lifestyle Creative. And this goal must not come at the cost of the other. Which means minimal monetary investment in my businesses this year. Instead I will be investing extraordinary amounts of time, learning more about my craft, practicing and specializing in what I want to do within each business.

I have a few smaller goals and habits I would like to pursue, such as going to bed at the same time as Stephen on a more daily basis because I tend to like to stay up late, working on creative projects most nights. I would also love to take one small vacation at the end of the year up to the mountains, but in terms of big goals, there are only two. Two goals that will take a tremendous amount of work and willpower to tackle but that I'm so excited to be taking on this year.

What goals do you have for 2015?



  1. I'd love to grow more as well! In blogging and in knowledge. Good luck with your business I love the amount of light that you create in your products :)


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